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Fate Rich Fruit Cake

This is the perfect cake for any special occasion, but especially Christmas!

It is very easy to make, but it is important that you follow the recipe closely, the ingredients, the order to add them and the amounts you add. You will then have a cake that is delicious and moist. Just like ordinary fruit cake, it will improve in taste and get more moist after a few days. It is perfect to make and decorate about two or three days before you want to eat it.

Fate Rich Fruit Christmas Cake also freezes well. You can make the cake a couple of months before you need it and store in the freezer. Defrost and decorate as needed.


250g mixed dried fruit

250g currants

100g butter or block margarine at room temperature

100g soft dark brown sugar

2 tsp ground mixed spice

1 tsp ground cinnamon

grated rind of 1 large orange and 60ml of the juice

grated rind of 1 large lemon and 30ml of the juice

75g glàce cherries, roughly chopped

200g Fate Low Protein All Purpose Mix

Preheat the oven Gas 4, 180˚C, 350˚F.

Grease and line a round cake tin 7in (18cm) in diameter.

Place the mixed dried fruit and only 150g currants into a heat proof basin and

cover with boiling water. Leave to stand for 10 mins. Drain well and leave

to cool.

In a mixing bowl, cream together the butter and soft brown sugar until light and fluffy (this can be done with an electric whisk). Add the mixed spice, cinnamon and the rind of the orange and lemon.

Add just 100g of Fate All Purpose Mix and mix well until creamy again. Add the orange and lemon juice in about 4 lots, and in between each addition, mix well until the mixture is blended well. Add the remaining 100g of Fate All Purpose Mix and mix well, until it becomes light.

Add the cool drained fruit, the remaining 100g currants and roughly chopped cherries. Stir until blended. Place into the tin, and level the top.

Bake in a preheated oven Gas 4 180˚C 350˚F for 15 mins, then turn the oven down to Gas 3. 170˚C 325˚F and bake for about another 1 hour. The cake should be firm in the middle and when a skewer is pushed into the cake, it should come out clean.

Take it out of the oven and cover the top with a piece of kitchen towel. Leave it in the tin until completely cold. Then, turn it out, and wrap in cling film. If the greaseproof paper comes out of the tin with the cake, do not remove it until you need to decorate the cake as it will help to protect it.

Either store in the freezer until needed, or decorate as required, using suitable ready to roll icing, hand made or shop bought decorations and a bright ribbon.

To decorate


650g ready to roll icing

green paste food colouring 100g icing sugar and extra for rolling

1-2 tbsp apricot jam

decorating icing for writing

Take about 650g suitable ready to roll icing, and knead it well until pliable. You may need to use a little sprinkling of icing sugar to stop it sticking. Take about 150g of this, and add a little green colouring, and knead well until the colouring is blended in well.

Unwrap the cake and take off the greaseproof paper. Place the cake onto a cake card or serving plate. Spread the top and sides of the cake with a little warm apricot jam. (just warm it in a microwave ~ be careful it can easily get really hot) Using a dusting of icing sugar, roll out the white piece of icing, and using the rolling pin to help you, gently place on to the cake.

Smooth the icing over the top and sides of the cake. Then cut the excess from around the base. Roll out the green icing, and use small Christmas tree cutters to cut out shapes. If possible, use two of different sizes.

Place some icing sugar in a small bowl and stir in enough water to make a smooth paste. Spread a little of this icing on each Christmas tree and place them onto the cake.

Sprinkle the top with icing sugar or add edible glitter to add sparkle. Use an icing tube to write 'Merry Christmas' on top of the cake. Tie a pretty ribbon around the cake and serve.


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