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Fate Pizza

As a guide, a 500g pack of Fate All-Purpose Mix will make 3 or 4 x 20cm (8½ inch) round pizzas, depending on how thick you like the bases. You can use pizza baking trays or flan tins. Fate Pizza freezes well.


For the base:

500g Fate Low Protein All Purpose Mix

sachet yeast (enclosed with the Fate Mix)

2 tsp salt

120ml oil, or 50ml for the lower fat version

2–3 drops suitable gravy browning

450ml warm water

extra Fate All Purpose to shape

Tomato Sauce (amounts for each Pizza): Approx 2-3 tbsp of tomato passata mixed with 2 tsp tomato puree

OR 2-3 tbsp suitable jar tomato pasta sauce or pizza topper

A sprinkling of herbs, such as basil and oregano

Then a selection of some, or all of these:

Onion, sliced or chopped

Peppers, sliced or chopped

Mushrooms, sliced or chopped

Courgettes, sliced

Black Olives

Suitable low protein Cheese

Place the Fate All Purpose Mix, yeast and salt into a mixing bowl. Stir.

Using a baby’s bottle, measure the oil and warm water and place into a separate jug. Add a couple of drops of browning. Pour all the oil and water mixture onto the dry ingredients and using a balloon whisk, quickly mix well for about 1 minute to get everything blended.

Place some mixture onto a greased baking tray or into a flan tin. Using your hands, dusted with All Purpose Mix, gently pat the mixture into the shape and thickness you want for the pizza base. (Remember that the finished pizza will be at least double the thickness when it is cooked.) Place in a large bag or cover with oiled cling film and prove until nearly doubled in size.

Once proved, you can add the toppings. First, spread a layer of tomato sauce onto the base, then, add a sprinkling of herbs. Then add the vegetables and cheese.

Bake in a preheated oven, Gas 6, 200°C 400°F for about 25 mins, depending on how much topping is used.

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