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Fate Mug Cake

This is perfect for those times when you fancy something sweet. It is cooked in the microwave, so it's very quick and easy to make. You’ll need to use a microwave safe mug that holds about 350ml. Use medium power to cook (about 600w). Timings will vary slightly depending on the shape of the mug and what you add to the basic cake mixture. On average it will take 1 ½ -2 mins to cook. To get a soft and fluffy cake, do not overcook.


For a basic jam cake:

50g Fate Low Protein All Purpose Mix

¼ tsp baking powder

20g light soft brown sugar

20g soft tub margarine

40ml water

2tsp suitable jam, any flavour

Place the Fate All Purpose mix, baking powder, sugar and margarine into the mug and add the water.

Use a fork and quickly mix for about 1 minute until smooth. Don’t forget to mix right down

to the bottom corners of the mug.

Put 2 tsp jam in the middle. Do not stir in.

Microwave on medium power (600W) for 1 ½ -2 mins or until the top is just dry. Remove from the microwave and leave for 2 mins before topping with anything suitable, then grab a spoon!


There are endless variations and lots of ingredients that you can add to the cake mix before cooking. The choice is yours. Here are some suggestions:

Keep it simple

Replace the jam with 2tsp of suitable lemon curd or syrup.

Spice it up

Add ½ tsp of spice such as ginger or cinnamon.

Add 3tsp of suitable mincemeat.

Make it fruity 

Flavour the cake mix with 1tsp grated lemon or orange rind.

Replace the water with 40ml of pure fruit juice.

Add about 1tbsp of chopped fruit (fresh, tinned or frozen), or 1tbsp of dried fruit to the mixture.

Make it chocolatey

Add 2-3 tsp chopped low protein chocolate to the mixture.If you have exchanges add a suitable chocolate spread to the mug or to the top of the cooked cake.

Enjoy topping the cake with suitable sprinkles, pieces of fruit, or suitable low protein cream or ice cream.


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