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Fate Machine Bread

The following recipe is suitable for most Panasonic bread makers. Fate Machine Bread freezes well.


120ml oil, or 50ml for the lower fat version

450ml warm water 2-3 drops of browning 2tsp salt 500g Fate Low Protein All Purpose Mix sachet yeast (enclosed with the mix)

Take the bread pan out of the machine and place the kneading blade (paddle) onto the shaft in the base of the pan.

Warm the bread pan by filling it about halfway with hot, not boiling water (from the warm tap is fine). Leave the pan to warm while you collect all the ingredients. Plug the machine in and select the Basic, Bake Rapid programme. Select the XL size of loaf, and Light, Medium or Dark crust. It should show 1:55 (for light and medium) or 2:00 (for dark) on the display.

Empty the warm water from the bread pan.

Measure the oil in a baby’s bottle and pour it into the warm bread pan. Measure the warm water and pour it onto the oil. Add a couple of drops of browning if liked, to lightly colour. Next, add 2 tsp salt.

Empty the full pack of Fate Low Protein All Purpose Mix into the pan, and then pour the sachet of yeast onto the top. Do not stir or mix in. Place the pan into the machine and press start. If necessary, use a non-metal spatula to carefully scrape down the mix from the inside of the pan, to prevent a ring of uncooked mix being on the outside of the loaf. Close the lid and press start. Leave the machine. DO NOT LIFT THE LID.

When the machine bleeps at the end of the cooking time, switch off the machine. Using a cloth, carefully take out the bread pan, and turn the loaf out onto a wire rack to cool. When the loaf is cold remove the paddle. Wrap the loaf in foil, cling film, or place it into a plastic bag or suitable container. It will stay fresh for a couple of days.

Alternatively, the loaf can be sliced or cut into chunks and stored in the freezer. The fresh loaf is very soft, so you will need an electric knife or a sharp serrated bread knife to cut the loaf into thick or thin slices. Use a cutting guide to help you if you need it. Place into a freezer bag and store in the freezer. Be careful the bread does not get squashed! Give it plenty of room until it is frozen, this will allow you to easily take out individual slices as needed.

When needed, slices can be defrosted by wrapping in kitchen paper and placing in the microwave for a few seconds on high, depending on the power of your microwave. The bread should be defrosted and warmed through, but not steamy (if it is too warm, it will make the bread dry). Take out of the microwave and leave on the worksurface, still wrapped in the paper until its cold. It won’t take long, and then it will be ready to use for sandwiches. Slices can be toasted from frozen.


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