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Fate Late Night Kebab

At the end of a night out, you always feel starving and need to find a takeaway for some food. With PKU the options are limited so it got me thinking about how it would be good to have a recipe for a Low Protein Kebab. It is easy and quick to make and absolutely delicious. The best thing is that you can have it at any time, not just after a late night out! This recipe makes enough to generously fill 2 pitta breads. Fate Late Night Kebabs freeze well. Open freeze the pieces, defrost and reheat in an oven or dry frying pan.

INGREDIENTS (enough to generously fill 2 pitta breads)

50g Fate Low Protein All Purpose Mix

½tsp salt

½tsp course ground black pepper

½tsp smoked paprika

1tsp ground coriander

¼tsp garlic powder or granules

½tsp onion granules

1tsp ground cumin

1tsp dried oregano

100ml water

2-3tsp oil for cooking

150g large mushrooms, sliced into 1cm thick slices

To serve:

Suitable salad such as: shredded lettuce, sliced tomato, cucumber, white or red cabbage and/or grated carrot,

suitable garlic sauce

suitable chilli sauce

Place the Fate All Purpose Mix, salt and black pepper into a mixing bowl or basin. Add the paprika, coriander, garlic, onion, cumin and oregano. Stir.

Add the water. Use a small whisk or fork to blend the ingredients together into a batter, it should only take 30 seconds. Add the sliced mushrooms and stir gently to coat the mushrooms in the batter.

Heat a large frying pan over a medium heat and add the oil.

Place individual slices of mushroom in one layer separately into the hot pan. Cook for about 1 minute until nicely browned on the underside. Turn them over and cook for a further minute until browned and cooked through. Repeat with the remaining mushrooms.

To put the Kebabs together:

Cut a warm Fate Pitta Bread open along one of the longest sides. Fill with any suitable salad you fancy then the kebab pieces. Add suitable garlic sauce and chilli sauce to taste.


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