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Fate Jasmine Balls

This recipe was inspired by something we saw on the menu in a Chinese restaurant when we were on holiday. The restaurant was called ‘The Jasmine’ It was a really good place for us because they had quite a few dishes that were suitable for a low protein diet, and lots of others that could be adapted using Fate All Purpose Mix. So, when we got home we made these vegetable balls. They are so easy to do, and just as good as the ones served in The Jasmine! They have a delicious fresh taste and texture.

They are really good served with a suitable sweet and sour or barbeque sauce and stir fried vegetables. The spice used can be varied, Cajun is our favourite, but you can use paprika pepper, curry spice or any other strong flavoured mixture. They can be deep fried in oil or shallow fried. They freeze well.


50g spring onions

50g green beans, fresh or frozen

50g red pepper

75g Fate Low Protein All Purpose Mix

½ tsp Baking Powder

2 tsp spice ~ we use Cajun or paprika.

Salt and pepper to season

75ml water

Extra Fate All Purpose mix for shaping

Hot oil for frying

Slice the spring onions into ½ cm pieces (use all of the onion, including the green tops). Chop the red pepper and the French beans into 1cm pieces.

Place the Fate Low Protein All Purpose Mix, baking powder, spice, salt and pepper into a bowl or jug. Stir. Add the water and whisk with a wire whisk or fork until the mixture resembles a thick and smooth batter. This will take about 1 minute. Stir in the vegetables.

Dust the work surface with a little Fate All Purpose mix. Take a tablespoon of the mixture and place onto the work surface on top of the Fate All Purpose Mix. Then, dust your hands with a little more Fate All Purpose Mix and gently shape into a smooth ball.

Either shallow fry in a little hot oil in a frying pan, or place into deep hot oil to cook. They will take about 5 mins to cook through and turn golden brown. Drain on kitchen paper. Serve hot.


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